How To Finance Your Purebred Pup

Despite purebred puppies being some of the world’s most desirable pets, owning one of these animals comes with a number of financial responsibilities. Unfortunately, many novice pet owners underestimate the costs associated with owning a purebred, and wind up in a position where they have to give their furry friend away to a more suitable owner.

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we are passionate about providing all of the information our clients need to adequately care for their pups. With decades of experience, our team of french bulldog experts is well-versed in all of the costs that owners should consider before taking home one of our french bulldogs. Continue reading for a few tips on how best to finance your purebred pup.

Explore payment plans

One of the largest expenses that come to mind when considering a newborn purebred is the initial purchase. Purebred dogs cost more than mixed breeds due to their unique pedigree. At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, our clients can expect to pay anywhere between $4000-10,000 depending on the color, pedigree, and overall quality of their french bulldog. We offer french bulldog financing to California animal lovers looking for a way to make the initial cost of their purebred pup more manageable. Payments can be made in periodic installments during the months leading up to when their puppy is ready to be taken home.

Plan your budget

There are several recurring costs that every pet owner needs to prepare for prior to buying or adopting an animal. Such costs include regular vet visits, grooming, and food. We recommend doing your research in advance and taking note of the products and services that you will need on a regular basis. While the cost of pet maintenance may vary slightly, creating a monthly budget will help keep you on the right track and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Consider dog sitters and walkers

Lifestyle factors play a major role in the amount of money that is spent caring for a dog. Particularly while your french bulldog is still an untrained puppy, they should not be left alone for more than one or two hours. Therefore, if you work full-time in an office or frequently travel, you will need to consider the cost of hiring dog sitters and walkers. Hourly wages can add up over time, making it difficult to provide adequate care for your dog without a sufficient regular income. As small dogs, french bulldogs offer the advantage of being welcome in more public places than larger breeds.

Save for emergency vet visits

It is impossible to know when your pup will be injured or show signs of a serious health issue. For this reason, it is important for dog owners to set aside an emergency fund in the event of a last minute vet visit. Unfortunately, purebred dogs are prone to major health issues such as breathing problems. In an emergency, the last thing that you should have to think about is how you are going to fund your dog’s care.

Purchase pet insurance

One alternative to setting aside an emergency fund for your pup is to purchase pet insurance. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is covered regardless of the severity of their circumstances. For approximately $50 per month, you should be able to find adequate coverage for both accidents and health problems.

Are you thinking about purchasing your own purebred pup from a breeder? Allow us to help you prepare for the initial cost of your french bulldog with financing in California. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

French bulldogs are eligible for financing in California