Where Should You Buy French Bulldogs in Southern California?

Bringing in a new furry addition to your family is an exciting moment! From the first meeting to that very first walk — raising a French Bulldog is a rewarding experience full of great memories. But knowing where to actually purchase a Frenchie can get a little complicated.

Should you visit a shelter? How do you know which breeders are offering the quality of puppies they say they are? What should you look for when purchasing a Frenchie? To help you through the process and keep the excitement alive, this guide will help you learn exactly where to buy French Bulldogs in Southern California.

Experience of the Breeder

First and foremost, the experience of a French Bulldog breeder will tell you a lot about the puppies they offer. The longer a breeder has been raising Frenchies, the more knowledge they’re likely to have of the breed and the breed’s unique needs.

Furthermore, if the breeder has been raising puppies for a long time, this can be a sign that customers trust their process and service, and know that the puppies are being ethically raised. Other signs of experienced, reputable breeders can be an AKC certification.

Royal Empire French Bulldogs has been breeding healthy, affectionate Frenchies for over 20 years and is a member of the American Kennel Club.

Their Breeding Process

Reputable breeders should have a thorough breeding process, and one that emphasizes the health and happiness of their Frenchies. French Bulldogs are prone to a variety of health conditions, and inexperienced breeders may not be equipped to test for these conditions or diminish them through breeding techniques.

What’s more, you should be able to meet with the breeder, meet the parent Frenchies, and obtain health clearance certifications from a breeder. This can be one downside to finding a Frenchie at a shelter — you may not be able to meet the parents of the dog, and know what health conditions it may be susceptible to.

What’s more, a breeder should understand how to properly socialize their puppies so that they have calm temperaments, and enjoy spending time with their humans. Keeping a Frenchie in a kennel its whole life as a puppy is a recipe for an unsocialized pup that could be aggressive or shy.

Not only do we DNA test all of our breeding males and females to ensure they are cleared of genetic health issues, but we also import European French Bulldogs from champion blood-lines into our breeding program. That way, our Frenchies have the ideal characteristics, and the risk for health issues is lowered.

Of course, we also shower our puppies with attention so they are social, happy, and playful!

Your Breeder Should Have a Contract

French Bulldog Breeders who care about their puppies and the services they offer will have a contract for adopters to sign and agree to. These contracts detail what an owner can expect in terms of the health of their dog, the process for navigating any potential health issues, and more.

The contract will also provide the AKC registration number, as well as the names of both parents. Be sure to read over a contract when you’re given one, and if you aren’t — reconsider buying your Frenchie from that breeder.

The Well-Being of Our French Bulldogs is Our Top Priority, Always

At Royal Empire French Bulldogs, we’ve been committed to the health of our Frenchies for more than two decades. Buying a French Bulldog in Southern California can be an overwhelming process, that’s why we are happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as let you meet our puppies and their parents.

Contact us today to learn more!

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