How To Spot A Healthy Frenchie: Bringing Home the Perfect Pup

Thinking about adopting a French bulldog puppy? Frenchies are one of the best furry companions a dog-lover could ask for. Their big personalities, yet small size, make them adored by many. And, no matter the size of your family, Frenchies find themselves right at home with singles, couples, and big families alike.

While you’re probably excited to bring a Frenchie home, it’s important to decide where you purchase your puppy so you can be certain of their health and well-being. Only the best French bulldog breeders in California will help you stay aware of potential health complications and the health history of each pup. Here’s what you’ll want to know.

Common French Bulldog Health Issues

Frenchies have a few genetic health issues every potential new owner should be aware of. Adopting a Frenchie is a life-long commitment, and to make sure your Frenchie is as healthy and happy as possible, you may need to be prepared for vet visits.

  • Allergies: It’s not uncommon for Frenchies to have seasonal allergies, or be allergic to dust, pollens, grass, and molds. Frenchies can also be predisposed to demodectic mange. Both allergies and mange can affect your Frenchie’s skin and hair, and cause them discomfort. If a Frenchie scratches themselves excessively and causes any sores, it’s important to monitor the wounds and schedule a visit to your vet.
  • Ear infections: Frenchies have ears that sort of look like a bat’s ears. While very cute, since a Frenchie’s ears don’t fold over, dust and bacteria can more easily enter their ears and cause infections.
  • BOAS (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome): Since Frenchies have short snouts, it can be difficult for them to breathe well. Therefore, respiratory problems are one of the most common health complications a Frenchie will have. This difficulty to breathe fully is called Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.
  • Sight issues: As Frenchies reach adulthood and enter their senior dog years, they may develop cataracts of other eye issues like conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis (or pink eye) is caused by allergies or viral infections.

Although Frenchies are prone to health concerns, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a healthy Frenchie to adopt, or that Frenchies are more trouble than they’re worth! You do want to be aware of these conditions though, as the health and quality of life of your Frenchie will be the responsibility of the owner.

Finding a Healthy French Bulldog Puppy

Finding a healthy Frenchie will take a few steps, but after you complete the process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re taking home a healthy puppy.

Genetics and Lineage

The health of a French Bulldog puppy will often depend on the health of its parents. As you’re contacting Frenchie breeders, be sure to ask if you can meet the parents, learn more about their health, and if you can access any documents on their lineage.

Reputable breeders who prioritize the health of their puppies always do their due diligence to make documents of vet history, as well as the pedigree, available to future Frenchie parents.

Breeder History

A lot can be said about a breeder’s experience and history with Frenchies. The best French bulldog breeders in California care about their Frenchies and it will show — either through their dedication to the breed, or the personalities and health of their puppies.

As you’re trying to find a great Frenchie to bring home, take care to research the breeders you come across, and pay attention to what previous adopters have to say.

And, if you have any questions about what you should look for in a French bulldog breeder, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Royal Empire French Bulldogs.

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